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3-step storytelling

Want to know MY 3-step storytelling framework so you can rock your personal brand?!!!

Awesome! I’m BUILDING it for you now… patience my dahling!


Do YOU WANT TO SHOW your audience the authentic you?

Are you still using that headshot from 5 years ago that you know isn’t the real you?!

Simply put…
relate with PEOPLE.

They want to know that what they’re seeing is an authentic version of you.

AUTHENTICITY is in such demand and is THE KEY to establishing a connection between you and your audience.

Personal Brand Photography Parkersburg Marietta
Personal Brand Photography Parkersburg Marietta



Sure - you have hesitations, questions, and even a fear of getting too personal!

But people connect with and remain loyal to a person way more than
to a business/company.

Personal Brand Photography Parkersburg Marietta



you’re more than a business owner

You’re a parent, a mentor, a friend, a pioneer, a trendsetter, a leader in the community. All of these things make you, well… YOU!

This is your STORY.

(read more stories in my THINKBIGstartsmall series)

We are creating stories. We are showing the story behind your brand NOT JUST to attract an audience, but to ENGAGE a community. When they engage, they trust. When they trust YOU, they seek YOU out as the expert. When they seek you out as the expert, you have the opportunity to SERVE them. (Can we call it a WIN-WIN-WIN?!)

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Personal Brand Photography Parkersburg Marietta
Anne is great at capturing who you are and the story of what you do!
— Tara Nelson, Twelve Oaks Design

a picture is worth a 1,000 words

Yea, you’ve heard this before, right? But IT’S TRUE! When was the last time you were shopping for that special gift for someone and you came upon a ‘less than appealing’ website with cheap snapshots of their products? I’m betting you kept scrolling to the next guy.

Let’s face it…

you remodel your kitchen because you can’t stand looking at those dingy walls that say nothing about you and what YOU like! (BTW: I’m taking ideas for my entire house!) So why are you showing images on your website and social media feed that completely FALL SHORT of what you really want people to see!?

Fresh, well-crafted, purposeful images engage viewers!

These CLICKABLE visuals are what makes folks stop SCROLLING PAST YOUR PAGE!

Personal Brand Photography Parkersburg Marietta
Personal Brand Photography Parkersburg Marietta

Why do you continue to use stock images and poor-quality selfies?




  • Set yourself apart! Let your story behind your brand shine!

  • Connect with your audience. You know you’re the expert… show it!

  • Save time and hassle of doing it yourself. Get back to living your life!

  • Get a steady stream of images for social media content. No more scrambling around to find a random picture that doesn’t cut it!!

  • Increase conversions. People won’t just ‘pass you up’ as they troll social media. (Are you guilty of that? I won’t tell!)

  • Bring back the excitement about your website with a fresh look! Consistent images = major WOW factor!


consider me as your personal brand photographer

Seriously folks, I’m not there to JUST take pictures. There’s so much more that goes into your business/ brand that makes up YOUR STORY. I’m very good at bringing out people’s earnest emotions, even if they aren’t so comfortable in front of the camera. (I’ll spare you my own not-so-suave gallery of unsuccessful profile shots; oiy vey!). I guarantee you a great experience that encourages you on your journey to growing your own personal brand.

Personal Brand Photography Parkersburg Marietta
Personal Brand Photography Parkersburg Marietta
Personal Brand Photography Parkersburg Marietta
We are extremely grateful to you for helping us share our vision and providing us with the tools to do just that!
— Russ and Mandy Philpott, New Day Therapy, WV

see more from my galleries below…


Anne Marie Silvis Personal Brand Photography

Hi! My name is Anne. I like long walks on the beach, sunset dinners, the sound of the waves... ha ha... Nope! I'd rather be running on the beach, learning how to surf, and grabbing a huge breakfast buffet after!

Mom of 4 kids and 1 dog; lover of Jesus, running, and coffee. Don't talk to me in the morning until I've had my cup o' Joe. When I’m not taking pictures, I’m either immersing myself in the latest business podcast or analyzing which of my kids is going to be an entrepreneur!

My intention as a photographer is to tell stories through photos. Picture it, Christmas, circa 1983; I finally get that Garfield puppet I kept nagging my parents for. EVERYtime I see that picture in the family photo album, I pause. Insert, warm fuzzies. My hideous high-school pictures wearing sweatpants on picture day gives a totally different, AND embarrassing story!

So what does this mean to you?

Because I know how integral visuals are in being able to tell a story, I create clickable images that are sure to stop folks from scrolling past your stuff and instead, entice them to investigate more! Sessions with me are INTENTIONAL! I work my creative brain (and magic!) to craft images that are rich in content.

I want to get to know you. Your vision. Your goals. How you want to relate to YOUR audience. I want to help you engage with this audience to increase conversions on your website and social media pages. I want to help you grow your personal brand by SHOWING THE STORY BEHIND YOUR BRAND.

If you’re an entrepreneur, influencer, or business who wants to get more personal with your brand, values your audience, and continually seeks ways in which to serve them, I’m your photographer!

here’s what you need to do

Contact Anne Marie Silvis Personal Brand Photography


Chat with Anne Marie Silvis Personal Brand Photography


Book with Anne Marie Silvis Personal Brand Photography



I am very excited to learn of all of your needs for Personal Brand Photography.

Pricing packages come on a subscription basis.

In order to serve my clients in the best possible way with and give them the best TLC that I can, I take a limited number of clients.

YOUR Personal Branding Experience begins at $597.

NEW!!! Product Shoots starting at $197.


Save the hassle of finding another photographer for a one-off session. Work with me on a recurring basis!


Please note that sessions are granted with a 50% retainer fee in order to reserve your date.

Need me to travel? Let’s talk! Travel expenses will be assessed at the time of booking.



Your Video/ phone chat

You wouldn’t just pick ANYBODY to help you brand yourself, would you? This is actually a very important decision… one that is made MUCH more simply when you know you’ve found the ONE that can tell YOUR story. Soooo, let’s chat… see if I’m the right photographer for you.

Your Visualization meeting
(or what I like to call our ‘rap session’)

I WILL not just show up and start taking pictures. You are too smart for that. You know they have to be the RIGHT images to kill it on your branding. You’ve put so much into your business. Let your audience say, “Man, that is an awesome story!” To get there and be INTENTIONAL about your branding, I am your guide. We talk about your business, YOUR story and explore how to create YOUR vision. THIS IS A MUST! You’re actually going to like THIS meeting!

Your STORY Session

YES, picture time! It’s your time to shine! Nervous? No prob. Downright scared?! Even better. This is about YOU and I’ll be darned if we don’t let people see that!

Your Gallery

The A HA moment. Where you get full access to all of your edited images! And don’t worry, I ALWAYS send a sneak peak and get you excited from your branding experience… That’s my favorite part!

Your Freedom!

You got it… these are YOUR images to share with YOUR audience, however YOU wish! Website, social media, in print, that big billboard? You get licensed images and the freedom to SHARE your story!

We are extremely grateful to you for helping us share our vision and providing us with the tools to do just that!
— Russ and Mandy Philpott, New Day Therapy, WV
Friends and fellow entrepreneurs — I highly recommend Anne Marie Silvis Photography for professional headshots and/or stock photography! I’ve already revised my website with many of the shots she captured right inside my home and home office.
— Andrea Shirey, One Nine Design
OH MY GOSH! Anne, those are amazing!!! I’m so excited to see the rest. Thank you so much! I can’t believe that’s my office!!
— Natalie Cooke, In Motion Physical Therapy and Golf Fitness
Her pictures looked amazing... and she made me feel extremely comfortable. I’m 100% satisfied. I’m glad you brought me out of my shell.
— Lyndsey Pinkerton, Perfectly Pink
Anne is great at capturing who you are and the story of what you do! If you have your own business, contact Anne for your personal branding photos to help you set yourself apart from everyone else!
— Tara Nelson, Twelve Oaks Design

Experiences define your journey to where you are today.




Personal Brand Photography Parkersburg Marietta

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